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The Fresh Connection Hobart have teamed up with the We Feed You & Kitchen Two to bring you the highest quality range of meals that are either gluten-free and free of added preservatives.

Their Chefs use the most pure and oldest form of preservation that locks in all the goodness so nothing is tampered with.

This is why they believe their ready-made meals are best frozen, to lock in the nutrients, which keeps them as fresh as possible, all the way to your front door.

These Home Delivered Standard & Gluten Free Ready-Made Meals are the next best thing to a home cooked meal, without compromises on flavor, quality or health.

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Why does “We Feed You ” freeze your Meals?”

The We Feed You Kitchen loves fresh food as much as we do. Even at the beginning We Feed You looked at all aspect for getting the freshest meals to their customer without comprising on quality.

After weighing up all the different factors involve in this processes they realised that frozen was the only way to deliver the most nutritious ready-made home delivered meals for their customers.

Here’s why…

Meals are blast chilled and frozen which locks in all the nutrients.

By freezing the meals straight after they have been made there are no hidden nasties to prolong shelf life.

In commercial/household food production, storage of perishable are always risks of contamination or harmful bacteria. The process of freezing actually reduces this risk.

We Feed You meals can be cooked from frozen and on the table in minutes. Simply choose, heat and love our meals when it suits you!

The WE FEED YOU meals are suitable for a wide range of dietary needs.

Every meal includes detailed nutrition information and ingredients on the packaging. Meals are good size portions and satisfying with many under <2000kJ, making them appropriate for anyone wanting to reduce energy intake.

If you have particular dietary requirements it is always best to check the nutrition panel before ordering, to ensure it is appropriate for you.

We Feed You Meals are made with ingredients that do not contain gluten and there are no products containing gluten that is kept or used in the production kitchen.

Many of the We Feed You meals are low-fructose and/or low-FODMAP. If you are currently on a low-FODMAP diet, search for the low-FODMAP meals. Also a selection of the meals do not contain garlic or onion.
We Feed You limits the amount of salt we add to their meals. They also use ingredients with no added salt, wherever possible. Some dishes include a salt reduced tamari soy sauce as an ingredient. These dishes will have higher sodium contents than other dishes. If you are on a salt-reduced diet, please check the nutrition panels before purchasing.
We feed You uses lots of high fibre grains and heaps of vegetables, making them appropriate for many diabetics. Each dish has a good balance of protein, some fat and high fibre carbs making them good choices if you are concerned about GI.
All ingredients are listed on the packaging and on this website. If you have any allergies, you should review the nutrition information for each meal to ensure they are safe for you to consume. We Feed You do use sesame, nuts, fish, soy products, dairy, eggs and seeds in their products, meaning their products may contain traces of these.

If you have other dietary restrictions and are not sure if our meals are appropriate for you, please talk to your doctor or Accredited Practising Dietitian, or email us at info@thefreshconnection.com.au

The Team at the Fresh Connection in Hobart has been looking for something new and exciting that would add value to the community.

We looked far and wide and partnered with We Feed You to bring Tasmanian Gluten Free -Ready Made Meals.

We Feed You was born through the collaboration of five friends, Charlotte, Dave, Susie, Tracey, and Mark.

Dave is an exceptional chef with 7 years as Head Chef at iconic Melbourne restaurant MoVida.

Charlotte has been trusted to cook for clients around the world as a Private Chef and is also a highly experienced nutrition expert and Dietitian.

The We Feed You Motto of “For Your Best Life.” resonates with our core values to bring the community delicious and healthy meal options.

Both The Fresh Connection and We Feed You can not wait for you to enjoy our meals as much as we do.

The information above, and elsewhere on our website, is for general informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as specific medical advice, particularly for anyone who has a food intolerance or allergy. We recommend that you seek personal advice from a doctor or Accredited Practising Dietitian in relation to your own personal health circumstances before consuming our meals.

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